Two strong names within the rigging industry has decided to establish a partnership to provide high quality products and service to the Indian market. Amzone International Pvt Ltd., is now the authorized distributor for the TALURIT branded products consisting of ferrules, dies, swagers and wire rope cutting machines in India.

Talurit AB was established in 1948 and has been the pioneering company in the field of mechanical splicing of wire ropes ever since. The parent company is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with subsidiaries in Southern Germany, China, Singapore and the United Kingdom. TALURIT develops, manufactures, market and maintain equipment and systems for mechanical splicing systems for wire and wire rope fabricators worldwide. Through high standards of efficiency, safety, quality and reliability TALURIT create value added for the customers.

Thommy Andersson, Managing Director of Talurit AB, said:

“We have had a great cooperation with Amzone International so far and we are really looking forward to join our forces in India. This cooperation will allow us to provide not only our full range of products and spare parts but also competent technical service and training. With Amzone International as a distributor of TALURIT products in India we will be more efficient and reliable as we can respond to the local needs in a better way. Talurit Group and its partners have a strong focus on improving the safety and quality in the rigging industry and the work safety environment for the rigging shop workers, we are very happy to offer this to the Indian market as well. TALURIT continues to be a pioneering force, developing effective methods and equipment for mechanical splicing of wire ropes, ensuring total quality control and customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to this venture and to work closely with the competent team at Amzone international.”