Choose between the half day or full day training course

Our training focuses on the Ferrule Securing Instructions. This includes both theoretical and practical training on how to select a correct sized ferrule for a specific wire rope, reading the charts and understanding of applicable standards. It also contains swaging instructions and practical tips for efficient and safe manufacturing of slings. We will provide charts for ferrules, course material and certificates. For more details on the contents of the half day course and the full day course, see below.


  • Heavy duty tensile testing of wire rope, slings, chain etc…
  • Basic training in how to choose termination:

  • How to select correct ferrule size depending on type of wire rope and construction
  • How to assemble different terminations
  • Training in different types of swage methods
  • How to check termination after swaging operation
  • Usage and scrapping
  • Basic training in wire rope constructions
  • Practical training on how to perform a correct swaging of different fittings


  • 4 hours of theoretical and practical training for operators in our conference centre in Gothenburg or at your location.
  • Simplified theoretical seminar about ferrules and fittings and how to select the correct size of fitting to a certain type of wire rope.
  • Practical training on how to perform a correct swaging of different fittings.