TALURIT™ wire rope grips are heavy duty, precision machined gripping devices, designed to grip wire rope from light loads to ultimate breaking loads. TALURIT™ wire rope grips work on any lay wire rope. These grips will hold regardless if the wire is greased, dirty, wet, tarred, plated, etc.

Each grip comes with a wide range of adapters and liners to grip different size wire rope. TALURIT™ wire rope grips work on the wedge principle. As the rope is pulled, each half of the wedge set squeezes on the rope. The wedge set is geared together to work in unison. The wedge set rides on precision roller bearings held between hardened raceways. The harder the pull, the more the wedges grip, all without damaging the rope.
Hydraulic fixing device solutions are also available. The gripping claws are made from a soft material to avoid damaging the wire rope.

Grip load capacities ranging from 50,000 pounds to 1.3 million pounds.


Mount style:

  • Front flange mount – attached to mounting plate at the fott of a test bed

  • Bridle mount – able to roll along the length of the test bed to test different lengths of specimen

  • Saddle mount – sits behind the moveable head in the test bed

  • 2-position mount – A TALURIT™ exclusive. Grip adjusts between two positions to test with different capacities


Hydraulic control for opening and closing wedges. Manual control for small capacity grips. Metric or English lines sizes for rope diameters ranging from 1/8″ to 6″.