The new TALURIT/Chant Engineering Touch-Screen is an easy-to-use operator interface for your testing machine.

The operator simply selects the desired load and the machine automatically tests the specimen to the inputted load.

The on-screen display shows the current load as well as a live graph of load vs. time. The touch-screen will also display elongation, if the machine has that capability.

The TALURIT/Chant touch-screen allows for a customizable testing environment with controls for proof-load or cycle testing. Multiple touch-screen operated machines can be linked to a network to allow for test certificates to be generated remotely. The displays also can be configured to fit each customer’s specific needs. The touch-screen can be used strictly for controls or it can interface with DataTEST Software to print out certificates.

A TALURIT/Chant Engineering touch-screen option can be retrofitted on your existing or installed in conjunction with new machines.