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DataTEST Software

Talurit/Chant Engineering DataTEST software is a user friendly, Windows based sophisticated data-logging program for testing machines. It allows the operator to record and print out a test certificate for each test performed on the machine. This software is fully compatible with both N4 systems and Infochip INc., the industry accepted RFID-tagging system companies. DataTEST testing software is available in many different languages and any unit of measure can be displayes to suit your application.


The software offers unrivaled ease of use, a simple graphical-user interface, and several customizable features including:

      • Touch Screen Controls

        • used strictly for controls or can interface with DataTEST Software

        • retrofitted on your existing or installed in conjunction with new machines

      • Real-time data acquisition

  • graphs load vs. time, elongation vs. time, and load vs. elongation depending on customer needs

  • automatically counts cycles and hold times for cycle testing

  • A sophisticated customer database

    • can pull up previous product and customer information for repetitive testing

    • saves history of previous certificates created by DataTEST

    • networking capabilities allow for multiple DataTESTs to access the same database

  • Multi-leg sling testing capabilities

    • several modes of operation (pre-stretch, proof, and cycle)

  • Output data available in several formats

    • PDF, CSV, XML (for FIELDiD/N4 upload), among others

    Chant DataTEST software will improve productivity, is easy to learn, and automates several time-consuming steps necessary for generating certificates. For the best testing machine software in the business, make sure you go with Chant’s DataTEST software package!