Upgrade your test bed today

An option that can be retrofitted on your existing machine.

  • Speed up your testing process
  • Eliminate operator testing errors
  • Improve productivity
  • Easy to learn


According to SS-EN ISO 9001:2008 data from testing must be saved and an approved test document presented. Upgrading with DATALOGGER transforms your pull test bench to today’s standard. All tests are saved on the computer with prefix name and year-month-date-time and the certificates can be printed. DATALOGGER consists of:


  • software DATALOGGER3_Special_02

  • different kinds of measuring sensors can be used: load cell, pressure transduser

  • delivered completely assembled in an electrical cabinet
 The electrical cabinet is mounted on top of the control panel. To print out the test certificates the computer needs to be connected to a printer or the information can be saved on a memory stick to be printed from another computer. Prepare the printer with pre-printed paper with logotype, header, footer etc since only the graph and curve data field will be generated from the software.
 Option: computer (laptop) and printer