Transportation Simulators

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Transportation Simulators

The Chant Engineering Model 8760 is a mechanical shaker are used to perform repetitive shock and vibration testing in accordance with FED-STD-101, Method 5019, for loads up to 12,000 lbs. (BusName}makes these shakers in many sizes and capacities.

The Chant Transportation Simulator has a horizontal table surface mounted above a motorized driving mechanism. The table is restrained so that it can only move vertically. It is driven from below by a crank mechanism driven through gearing by an electric motor. The crank drive arrangement produces vertical motion which is of fixed amplitude and approximately sinusoidal. The speed of the motor is variable to allow the frequency of the table motion to be adjusted.


The TALURIT/Chant Transportation Simulators moving table and load have to be alternately accelerated and decelerated (braked) during each cycle. Acceleration and deceleration are controlled by the variable speed drive. Dynamic braking of the motor is used to effect the deceleration (dynamic braking uses the motor as a generator to slow it down).

Amplitude: 1 inch double amplitude (+/- ½”)
Motion: Approximately sinusoidal, vertical only
Frequency: Variable up to 5 Hz
Maximum Acceleration: 1.27 G’s
Load: 12,000 lb
Platform Size: 8 ft x 12 ft
Power: 460 volts, 3 phase, 80 amps
Motor Speed Range: Up to 1,500 rpm
Weight: 8,000 lb