Torque Testing Machine

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Torque Testing Machine

The TALURIT/Chant Engineering Model No. 9100-100K Torque Testing Machine is used to perform static torque tests from 10,000 in-lbs to100,000 in-lbs on test shafts up to 20 feet long. The 9100-100K Torque Testing Machine comprises a 25 ft long torque loading frame, an adjustable reaction head, a torque-loading spindle, a portable hydraulic power source with control valves, torque cell, and a control panel with digital display.


At one end of the loading frame is the torque loading spindle. It is applied to the spindle from a hydraulic actuator attached to a lever arm. Varying the pressure to the hydraulic actuator controls it. The actuator can apply a static torque through a 20 deg arc. For reading torque, a 100,000 in-lb torque cell with .1% accuracy is attached to the end of the loading spindle. The test shaft attaches to the loading spindle using the customer’s specified bolt circle. At the opposite end the loading frame is an adjustable reaction head. The reaction head clamps to the top surface of the loading frame and is infinitely adjustable. The test shaft attaches to the reaction head using the customer’s specified bolt circle.

Cycling option: Requires an upgraded 1 ½” horsepower hydraulic power unit with an air-cooled heat exchanger and an integrated control panel. TALURIT/Chant Datatest data acquisition software displays a real time chart of testing, records and prints a test certificate with plot, and generates a test log of all tests.