TALURIT/Chant Engineering manufactures the Model 9121 Top Lift Test System for testing Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) in accordance with the requirements of U.S. Department of Transportation’s Title 49 CFR, Section 178.812 as well as other testing standards.


The Model 9121 Top Lift Test System is designed to test flexible or ridge containers that are designed to be lifted from the top by means of integral attached lifting points, eyes, loops, straps, etc. The Model 9121 has a maximum downward force capacity of 50,000 lbs. and comes complete with the hydraulic power unit (HPU)/operators control station shown.

The operator manually controls the test and the load from the electronic load cell is displayed on the digital indicator. The unit comes standard with 25 ft. of interconnected hoses/cable and both the test frame and the HPU/operators control station are on wheels for ease of use. The Model 9121 has fully adjustable attachment points for any size container. Pressing platens of any size can be provided as required.

There is a RS232 port on the operators control station for connection to an optional computer for complete test data acquisition and the printing out of test certificates. Using TALURIT/Chant Engineering’s Datatest Software, this information can be displayed in real time and all test data and parameters/results are saved in the computer.