The TALURIT/Chant Engineering CTS series of compression test systems come in a variety of capacities and sizes. The picture shows our Model 50K. The TALURIT/Chant Engineering Co. Inc. CTS series of machines are designed to efficiently and accurately test the performance of individual packages, containers, pallets and unit loads under compressive forces.

The CTS is capable of performing the latest industry standard package testing specifications. A closed loop control with state of the art technology is used to guarantee accuracy, tight control and repeatability. The CTS is capable of running a test up to maximum capacity for up to and including 24 hours.

The CTS has a top loading oscillating platen that is 60 inches square. The platen is expandable to 180 inches x 60 inches, by raising the platen to an upper location and attaching to it the expandable platen. This requires minimal effort and time by the operator. A control panel switch will activate and deactivate the expandable platen. The expandable platen when not in use is stored within the upper basic machine structure.

The CTS has a base structure with a minimum size of 60 inches square in line with the minimum platen size. The expandable base structure is in two pieces that can be easily attached and removed from the basic machine structure. To expand the base sections to 180 inches x 60 inches the operator pulls out the additional structure. The two pieces are stored within the basic machine structure when not in use and can be put in position using a standard forklift truck. This requires minimal effort and time by the operator.

The basic opening size between the platen and the base is a minimum of 84 inches. The platen is movable and usable down to a minimum of 12 inches.

The platen test speed is variable with a minimum of .5 in/min. The platen retract is variable with a minimum of .5 in/min. The platen has a positive restraint when not in use.

The overall height of the machine does not exceed 17 feet.


Model 11K Compression Test Machine Specifications:

Maximum Compressive Force: 11,000 lb
Maximum Compressive Speed: 4 inches/minute
Maximum Specimen Height: 50 inches
Platen Size: 4 Ft Square
Column Spacing: 52 x 52 inches clear space
Electrical Power: 208VAC, 10A, 60Hz
Calibration: ASTM E4

Model 50K Compression Test Machine Specifications:

Maximum Compressive Force: 50,000 lb
Maximum Compressive Speed: .5 inches/minute
Maximum Specimen Height: 84 inches
Platen Size: 180″ x 60″
Column Spacing: 37 x 67 inches clear space
Electrical Power: 480VAC, 3PH 60Hz
Calibration: ASTM E4

The TALURIT/Chant Engineering Model 9142 Compression Test Machine is an example of a standard off the shelf 11,000 capacity compression test machine with a 4-post design and platen size of 48″ x 48″, capable of swivel or fixed. Model 11K (11,000 lbs) Compression Test Machine

The machine is operated by two ball screws, with a clear space 52″ x 52″. Other features include; Electronic Load cell, computer & printer software for control, data acquisition, graphs, reports. Manual controls on machine for set up, display on machine with load/distance.

Mechanical limit switches up and down for safety. Settable limits of displacement during a load test. Settable limits of force during velocity mode. Live real-time graph on computer showing load and displacement.