Mobile test bed

Mobile test bed

All TALURIT/Chant Engineering Mobile Test Beds are designed for on the job site testing. By bringing the machine to your customer’s site, you eliminate shipping costs, down time and employee expense. This is a a value added service for your customers.


TALURIT’s/Chant Engineering’s new innovative design for mobile test beds eliminates the weight and cost of the typical flatbed trailer. We have built the gooseneck and wheels onto the machine frame, saving weight and allowing you, our customer, to get higher capacities and larger machine lengths, without the worry of increased weight.

The hydraulic and electrical controls/components are designed for outdoor use. The machines are also available with hydraulic wire rope grips, that allow the testing of very long specimens.

An electrical generator is an available option to compliment the test bed.

For further information regarding our Mobile Test Beds, please contact us.

TALURIT’s/Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.