Break Testing Machines

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Break Testing Machines

TALURIT/Chant Engineering Break Test Machines are used by wire rope manufacturers to break test wire rope specimens during the manufacturing process. For quality control and verification, it is necessary for wire rope manufacturers to break test samples of their products to ensure the breaking force is within their published specifications.

Typically a manufacturer wants to break a relatively short length of product in the least amount of time possible. The TALURIT/Chant Break Test Machine is able to accomplish this with a minimal amount of waste product. The wire rope sample can be as short as 6 feet. The ends are “broomed out” and cast in a cone shape with fiberglass resin. This is a very fast and cost effective way to manufacture a termination on a rope sample.


The break testing machines provides tooling with the machine to match the various cone shapes. In use, the operator selects the tooling to match the specimen and the sample is loaded into the machine. Using the touch screen control, the operator selects the loading force or break testing force.

The machine will automatically go to the set load, or if designated, will go to full break. There is complete data acquisition, with each test automatically stored in the computer. This allows the operator to review the results at any time, and a certificate can be printed. Elongation is also recorded.

TALURIT/Chant Break Test Machines come in a variety of capacities. Each machine is custom made to order: any capacity, width, height or length is available.

TALURIT/Chant Engineering’s testing equipment meets or exceeds all AWRF safe practices and guidelines.