Lifting table, LT-1000

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Lifting table, LT-1000

  • Assists the larger swagers with dies weighing up to 1000 kg

  • Shelves are equipped with rolls

  • Dies are securely stored when not used




This lifting table LT-1000 is designed for lifting and mounting dies. It assists the larger swagers, P 2000T 2S and P 4200T 2S with the largest dies weighing up to 1000 kg.

Easy to use! The forks of a forklift enter the pockets of LT-1000 and are secured with bolts to prevent the lifting table from falling off the forklift. Only one die at the time can be lifted.
Instruction to use the lifting table:
Lower die: Remove the safety bar (red in picture). Grease the surface in front of the die and pushed it, bore up, onto the lifting table. Replace the safety bar to lock the die. Lift LT-1000 to the swager. The rolls of the lifting table make it easy to move the die. The bed of the die holder is greased to slide the die into position. Position the die with the guiding pins and secure the die with bolts before mounting the upper die.
Place the upper die on the lifting table like the lower die, but with the bore down.
Lubricate the supporting edges of the lower die and push the upper die on top of the lower die.
Start the swager and lift the die into position – mind the guiding pins. Secure the upper die with the bolts.
The die rack is an optional complementary to the lifting table. The shelves are also equipped with rolls and the dies are securely stored when not used. Using the rolls it is very easy to push the dies from the rack onto the lifting table.

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