Insert Die Holders

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Insert Die Holders

Die holders for the largest press dies for each swager are mounted on the respective swager as standard. Starting with the 300T swager optional insert die holders can be mounted permitting the use of smaller press dies.

Example; for a 1000T swager press dies size E or E1 are standard. With the insert die holders VIN D/E LIN the smaller press dies D can be used. If the insert die holders VIN C-C1/D are added even press dies size C and C1 will fit.




Insert Die Holders – Increase your swaging range

Sometimes you need to swage smaller ferrules than your swager was originally designed for. To be able to handle these situations, TALURIT™ uses insert die holders. Below you can find which insert die holders and dies that will fit your TALURIT™ Swager.