Round Sling Machine

Round Sling Machine

  • Hydraulic tension control for high strength
  • Tension control increases sling efficiencies
  • Precision material usage monitoring
  • Full automatic mode
  • Touch screen control
  • Standard sling selection via menu
  • Custom menu for non-standard or high-capacity slings


The GERRO™ round sling machine is a high speed, heavy duty machine designed to manufacture polyester rounds slings, one or two simultaneously. With up to 10,000 lbs. of tension force, this machine can make the highest capacity rounds slings quickly and easily. The GERRO™ round sling machine features an adjustable movable head so that any length sling can be made. Standard on the machine controls are preset recipes for the most popular sling capacities. Custom slings can also be made in the manual control mode. Automatically monitors and displays number of strands and length of materials as well as total material usage.

Sling length: 40 ft (18,3 m) sling length is standard

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