MA 45

This unit for accurate length measuring of steel wire ropes is available to be mounted on the TALURIT wire rope annealing machines or as a stand alone version.



On the MA 45 the wire rope is pulled through the unit and measuring is done by aid of an high precision incremental encoder. A spring loaded counter weight prevents slippage of the rope when passing the unit through robust in- and out guides. The encoder is connected to a PLC. The device can be programmed with final length and preselector contact allowing control of connected units, like uncoiling or coiling machines.

A typical application is a semi-automatic spooling and cutting unit. The MA 45 will give a signal to the coiling unit, e.g. UL800, when a pre-selected length is reached to slow down the coiling speed and to stop at final length. The break of the uncoiling platform will then receive a signal to stop its movement.

The MA 45 with an advanced PLC and 7” touch screen is additionally allowing several in- and output signals and has a length calibration for even higher accuracy and length conversion to show mm, cm, m, inch and feet.


Data Sheet