MM 120

  • By adding special tools the MM 120 it can also work as a pre-pressing unit
  • 3mm high for smaller dies. 5mm for the larger dies
  • Marking of ferrules in aluminium and copper on one or both sides



The MM 120 marking machine is intended for marking of ferrules in aluminum and copper on one or both sides using letters/figures/logos etc. Carbon steel sleeves can also be marked but the imprint will depend on material hardness etc.

As standard the marking machine is delivered with a pressing plate. It can be equipped with various accessories such as, rounded marking dies, square marking dies (MB 3 and MB 5) and automatic stamping head for subsequential marking. Types, euro (letters A-Z and numbers 0-9) are avaiable in sizes 3 and 5 mm. Due to the diameter of the ferrule the rounded marking dies come in sizes 8-16, 18-24 and 26-50. The types are 3 mm high for the smaller dies and 5 mm for the larger dies, see table. Rounded marking dies are usually used in pair, but together with a pressing plate or the turned V-grooved loweer toolholder only one marking die is needed.

By adding special tools to MM 120 it can also work as a pre-pressing unit.
The types are hardened to 59-63 R.C

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