P 0130T 1S

The 130-ton Swager type 1S consists of a press body, a work bench and a hydraulic unit as one machine (for other options for this machine choose the 130T swager-1P, where it is possible to optimize the swager). It has a single pillar open throat design and can be mounted either in upright position or upside down in a flat or tilted position.

This swager is easy to use and the open design allows comfortable access to the die set swaging area. An efficient 4 kW hydraulic unit (HAGG 130T) completes the swager system.

In single stage this 130T swager has a capacity to swage T and UM ferrules up to size 16. Size 20 is maximum for T ferrules and size 22 for UM ferrules using multi stage swaging.

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On the P 0130T 1S, the swaging operation is controlled by an electric twin pedal foot control permitting the operator using both hands to handle the rope assembly. In addition to the standard up/down function, the foot control can activate a ”hold position” to facilitate rope or sling eye adjustment making tool set-up quicker.

The retraction length of the bottom die can be adjusted by the timer function. The hydraulic unit shuts down after an adjustable idle time, and can be started again by just pressing the foot control. This energy saving feature is also in addition reducing the already low noise level.

Pressure gauge
With the pressure gauge, MA 130T, it is possible to preset the required pressure and get the die set to open automatically once this pre-set pressure is reached. Saving production cycle time and reducing operator movements and wear of the dies.

Die holder
The base die holder for the 130T swager is FIX B1/B2. Add the spring loaded fastening nut B1 ECC to convert the die holder into a system suitable for swaging flemish eye sleeves and terminals.

Die sizes B1(48×70 mm) and B2 (50,2×70 mm) are standard.

Variable speed
This is the more environmental friendly choice. When adding the variable speed (VS) option the speed of the pistion can be customized. By turning upp the speed adjustment to maximum the piston will move with 9,6mm/s up to a force of 30 ton. It will then slow down until maximum force is reached and the piston is moving with 1,8mm/s. The speed adjustment can be set at any speed between 1,8-9,6mm/s.