P 0040T 1P

The 40 ton swager with its single pillar design is the markets most versatile swager of its size and can be used either vertically, horizonally and even upside down. It can also be operated manually or with an electro hydraulic power unit.

It is compatible with a number of options such as stabilizing plates, adjustable tilted stand and handle. An excellent choice to bring with you in the field.

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The 40T swager (P 0040T 1P) has a single pillar open design and can be used either vertically, horizontally or upside down. Options such as a stabilizing plate or a tilted adjustablestand are available. The 40 ton swager offers total flexibility and is easy to use in the field due to its light weight and easy operation.

The P 0040T 1P swager is both efficient and safe! It has the capacity to press T ferrules up to size No. 9 in single stage swaging, and T ferrules up to size No. 13 in multi stage swaging.

The swager can be used with A and A1 TALURIT dies. All dies are manufactured from hardened and tempered die steel for a long service life, durability and excellent swaging results.
The swager can be fitted with two different models of electrical hydraulic units. The basic electrical hydraulic unit (HAGG 1,5/700-X-V1) comes with the standard up/down function. Whereas the multifunctional electrical hydraulic unit (HAGG 1,5/700-X-V2) comes with both up/down function and “hold position” to facilitate rope/eye adjustment and to make tool set-up quicker. To minimize cycle time when pressing, the HAGG 1,5/700-X-V2 is also equipped with a stroke limiter that allows control of the retraction stroke length of the piston when operating the swager.Both hydraulic units are operated by an electrical foot pedal, allowing the operator to use both hands when swaging. Pressure is set by a pressure valve. When the swager is left unused, the automatic shutdown feature will turn the the swager off. The swager is easily restarted by pressing the electrical foot pedal.

Another option is the MA 800 pressure gauge which can be fitted to the swager or the electrical hydraulic unit. By setting the required pressure on MA 800, the piston returns automatically once the preset pressure is reached. This saves time and unnecessary movements for the operator and prolongs the service time for the dies.

The 40 ton swager can also be fitted with a manual hydraulic unit, P59L-40, for operating the swager. All hydraulic hoses come with quick couplings for easy handling and quick setup of the swager.