P 0005T

The P 0005T portable swager has a maximum swaging capacity of 5 ton (50 kN). It is of single pillar open throat design, making swaging easy. The Swager can be used either vertically, bench mounted, free standing or hanging. The main purpose of this machine is for special applications with narrow space (e.g. net making).


The Swager is easy to use in the field due to its low weight and easy operation. A stabilizing plate and a lifting eye are included. P 0005T is suitable for swaging GERRO™ COMBI Cross-joints and also our TALUNET C-type and H-type clamps. Using special press dies it´s possible to swage T ferrules up to size 3 as well as R, RCU and TCU up to size 2,5.

As standard we recommend the high-pressure compact power unit (HAGG 0,55/700).