RBS 75

  • A mechanical assistant for forming of turnback terminations
  • Mounted directly onto the swager
  • A single operator can easily and safely handle the whole operation
  • Thimble assembly is easily and safely performed
  • Suitable for wire ropes up to 75 mm diameter




Acting as a mechanical assistant, the RBS 75 is the best way to deal with the heavy, labour intensive, time consuming and, sometimes dangerous work of forming a sling eye using large diameter wire rope. As it is directly mounted onto the swager, (with the dies already holding the ferrule in place), it is very effective and cost efficient, allowing a single operator to easily and safely handle the whole operation. This tool also simplifies the whole process by putting emphasis on sling eye shape and accuracy.
Place the ferrule between the press dies and apply just enough pressure to hold it in place. Using the hydraulic controls the wire rope is drawn between the gripping plates of the pulling part, through the ferrule and then into the gripping plate of the rotating part. This section of the unit forms the sling eye and directs the wire rope end back through the ferrule. The pulling part then easily tightens and finally shapes the eye to the correct size. The wire rope is now set for swaging.
When not in use the RBS 75 can be neatly folded to the side to save space.
The RBS 75 is designed for both 600 and 1 000-ton swagers, and is suitable for wire ropes of up to 75 mm diameter.

Data Sheet

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