RB 50

The machine performs the following functions:

  • Hydraulic clamping of ferrules
  • Clamping of wire rope ends
  • Manual pulling back the rope forming an eye
  • Sliding the wire rope end into the ferrule
  • Adjusting of loop size by tensioning. Can be repeated
  • Hydraulic fixing of wire ropes in the ferrule (pre pressing)
  • Both the clamping device and the adjusting unit for the loop are movable in a horizontal direction



RB 50 is the self-contained rigging bench that simplifies the heavy mounting work with turnback ferrules T18 up to T52 or equal sizes in UM ferrules. Without the RB unit, several men are required during the mounting of ferrules on heavy wire ropes. With this machine you avoid blocking the swager during the time the loop is made.


Data Sheet