P 0600T 2S swager

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P 0600T 2S hydraulic press machine

The 600T swager is one of our most popular swagers. It is equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit and has a safe design according to proven standards.

The operation of the machine is extremely easy since an electrical foot pedal permits the operator to use both hands when swaging.

  • One single block construction
  • Extremely easy operation
  • Powerful two-stage hydraulic
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Reliable and safe
  • Environmentally friendly: the automatic power shut-down saves energy
  • Consumes less oil than other swagers on the market

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The P 0600T 2S press machine is both powerful, practical and designed with top safety in mind.

Time-saving features with the P 0600T 2S press machine

The construction with the foot pedal permits the operator to use both hands when swaging, and is also equipped with a “hold” position in addition to the normal up/down-functions. The hold-position is making the rope/eye adjustment and the tool set-up easier.
When left unused, the machine will turn off using the automatic shut-down-function, and save energy. The startup is simple – the operator just has to press down the foot pedal again!
The maximum swage load can be pre-set with automatic return of the piston, in order to optimize and quality secure the swaging operation. The start position, (=opening between the press dies) is also adjustable

Hydraulic press machine with great versatility

There are many options available for our P 0600T 2S such as our user-friendly T-panel EXT, which handles both metric and imperial measurements.
The unique thing about the extended T-panel is that it has a recipe-handling system to store the different swaging cycles. The different swaging cycles can contain multiple stages that will be repeated by only using the foot pedal the number of times the swaging cycle consists of.

Capacity and options

All our swagers are of course fatigue tested and thoroughly test run.

For the P 0600T 2S swager, our T ferrules can be swaged up to size 34 in single stage and up to size 40 in multi-stage.
Our UM ferrules can be swaged up to size 34 in single stage and up to size 42 in multi-stage.