P 0600T 1S

Our user-friendly, high quality and efficient 600T swager 1S for turnback and flemish eye swaging. The open construction offers easy access to the swaging procedure when having space consuming swage objects. The swaging procedure can be done with a two hand operation thanks to the electric foot pedal.

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • User friendly
  • Short process cycle time
  • Environment friendly
  • Automatic power shut down
  • Compatible with many types of dies

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The 600T (P 0600T 1S) swager body is manufactured from one single block construction that ensures strength, long service life and a minimum of maintenance. All swagers are thoroughly test run.
The machine is equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit controlled by solenoid valves. Operation is extremely easy since an electrical foot pedal permits the operator to use both hands when swaging. In addition to the normal up/down function the foot pedal has a ”hold” position to facilitate rope/eye adjustment and to make tool set-up quicker. To optimize and quality secure the operation, the maximum swage load can be pre-set with automatic return of the piston. The start position, (opening between the press dies) is adjustable. All these features save time and unnecessary movements for the operator.
When left un-used the resource saving automatic shut down will turn off the machine, but is easy to start again by pressing down the foot pedal.

Our T ferrule can be swaged up to size 34 in single stage and up to size 40 in multi stage. Our UM ferrule can be swaged up to size 34 in single stage and up to size 42 in multi stage. 

The 600T swager (P 0600T 1S) has many options available to be able to optimize the swager to the operators specifications: Die holders, Insert die holders (so that smaller dies can be used), SILENCER 600T, OIL COOLER 600T, HEIGHT ADJUSTER, T-PANEL or T-PANEL EXT (extended version).