P 0500T 2S swager

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P 0500T 2S compact press machine

Is your company in need of a quiet and compact, yet powerful small swager? Then the 500T (P 0500T 2S) is the right press machine for you – it fits perfect on a Euro pallet!

At Talurit we offer a wide range of powerful swagers in different sizes and formats. Our 500T model is no exception – it has the capacity to swage our T and UM ferrules up to size 32 in single stage, and up to size 40 in multi stage. This makes the small 500T swager our most compact swager in this capacity range!

Operator friendly swager

This press machine is a small medium-sized swager, designed for convenient long-hour swaging operations suitable for both Flemish Eye, turnbacks and swage terminals. The machine generates a low sound during the swaging process, which contributes to an operator friendly working station. The smart foot pedal control allows the operator to use both hands when concentrating on the swaging procedure.

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The 500T swager is highly adaptable to different needs, since a great deal of options are available for this model. For example, the T-panel and oil cooler are available to simplify settings and eliminate the risks of overheating during the swaging process. An oil cooler is recommended in extremely hot areas and when having extensive serial production.

More benefits are:

  • Easy to use with automatic power shut down
  • Pillar guides are included as standard.
  • Different die holders, like insert die holders (to be able to not only fit one die size)
  • Fits on a Euro pallet
  • Hold position
  • Preset load with automatic return
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatible with many types of dies