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P 4200T 2S – large hydraulic swager

Our 4200T (P 4200T 2S) swager is despite its large size, a hydraulic swager optimized for excellent performance in both precision and power. This swager is designed to handle some of the largest sizes of wire ropes on the market today.
The machine has a construction made out of a mono-block, which implies a steady and solid construction with a minimum of maintenance!

The 4200T press machine has the capacity to:

  • In single stage, aluminium ferrules can be swaged up to size T 94
  • In multi-stage the ferrules can be swaged up to size T 152.

The swager is also equipped with:

  • High strength
  • Long life-span
  • A mono-block construction for minimizing the need for maintenance

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The 4200T (P 4200T 2S) hydraulic swager has the solidity and power of all our swagers, combined with modern equipment such as the T-panel. Safety and user friendly high-technology combined, put simply!

Its powerful two-stage hydraulic unit and reliable design (according to proven standards) insures both an efficient and easy work situation for the operators. Due to the mobile twin foot pedal, the operator is able to use both hands when swaging. The pedal also has a “hold position” feature, complimenting the up/down function. These features save both time and unnecessary movements for the operator.

More features of the 4200T machine:

  • Always thoroughly test run.
  • Optional equipment like:
    • Die holders
    • Insert die holders (smaller dies can be used)
    • RBS 130 – a modern instrument for forming turnback terminations
    • the modern T-Panel EXT.

All our hydraulic swaging machines are developed and manufactured in our workshop in Gothenburg.

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