These stainless steel ferrules have been validated according to TALURIT™ splicing system.

Note! We do not guarantee strength of slings for lifting activities made of INOX ferrules. A termination performed according to our instructions will normally withstand a tensile strength of 90% of the minimum-breaking load (MBL) of the wire rope. Verifying tests must be done in order to find out the strength. Available in sizes 1-30.

Art. No: INOX 01 – INOX 30
To find the right ferrule size, check the data sheet.


INOX ferrules are made from stainless steel . The material is AISI 316 and the ferrules are validated according to the TALURIT™ splicing system. Available in sizes from 1-30. Special sizes on request.

The ferrules are commonly used in applications within the food processing industry and also the nuclear industry. They have common uses in marine applications and they are widely used in architectural designs e.g. balustrades and fencing.

These ferrules are normally used on stainless steel wire ropes to achieve the best possible resistance against corrosion.