T-LOC™ is a reinforced aluminium termination. It prevents the aluminum ferrule from splitting, especially when using a heavy duty thimble. It is approved for wire ropes of grade 2160. T-LOC™ is made from carbon steel and swaged together with a standard turnback ferrule, type T.

Art. No: T-LOC 10 – T-LOC 66
To find the right ferrule size, check the data sheet.


Patent pending: Application no. PCT/SE2010/000142 Reinforced aluminium termination.

T-LOC™ is produced from carbon steel and designed for rotation resistant wire rope of grade 2160 together with T ferrules, especially in combination with solid thimble eyes. The system is tested with rotation resistant wire ropes in class 35(W) x 7 and has been validated according to EN 13411-3. The tested constructions are 34(W) x K7 and 39(W) x K7-WSC, fill factor: 0.74-0.75.

When using high tensile wire rope of grade 2160, T-LOC™ will secure the special sling eye which has a higher splitting force than normal. Since T-LOC™ is produced from carbon steel and has a better tensile strength than aluminium. Solid thimbles according to DIN 3091 as well as high rope grades will apply strain on the ferrule side nearest the sling eye. T-LOC™ stops the aluminium ferrule splitting due to the eye splitting forces caused due to pressure put on the wider top angle of the sling eye.

No new dies are necessary, T-LOC™ is swaged in your existing dies along with the aluminium ferrule. During the swaging operation they are joined together seamlessly. Only aluminium T ferrules may be used together with T-LOC™. Due to the variety of steel wire ropes, it is difficult to approve all of them. If other wire rope constructions and fill factors are to be used, tests must be done in order to verify the strength of application. T-LOC™ is available for wire rope diameter range 8 to 54,6 mm. The distance from the T-LOC™ to the solid thimbles before swaging must be at least 2 times the nominal wire rope diameter.