The carbon steel STS ferrule has been validated according to EN 13411-3 regarding turnback eye ferrule secured termination. STS ferrules from size 42 are galvanized for better corrosion protection. This is a new type of ferrule and aim to replace flemish eye sleeves when applicable. This ferrule can also be used on high performance wire rope with high demand from offshore applications. Availble in sizes 5-80.

With introduction of the carbon steel turnback system, STS we renamed the range of our steel ferrules STD to STS. All articles that was used to be called STD will therefore be renamed. E.G. carbon steel ferrule STD 16 will be called STS 16, swaging dies C STD/INOX 16 will be called C STS/INOX 16.

Art. No: STS 05 – STS 80
To find the right ferrule size, check the data sheet.



STS ferrules are made from carbon steel. These ferrules are typically more resistant to mechanical wear and have been validated according to EN 13411-3. The material used is in compliance with the standard. This carbon steel ferrule system is available in sizes 5-80.

Typically carbon steel ferrules are used when corrosion, higher temperature and special dragging applications are used. This system is also an alternative to the flemish eye, this is due to the fact that you have all the benifits as above but the simplicity of a straight turnback system.

The turnback ferrule system is easy to use. It is quick, safe and has proved itself to be totally reliable. It is far more efficient than all other swaging methods on the market.