The STT swage terminals in a large range for different types of wire ropes, including rotation resistant ropes of grade 2160. A special developed metric splicing system developed for high tensile wire ropes are tested and verified according to EN 13411-8. This system is also available in both round and hexagonal shape after swaging. Sizes from 1/4″ up to 3″ are available.

Art. No: STTT 1/4 – STTT 3
To find the right ferrule size, check the data sheet.


The STTT swage terminals are validated according to the TALURIT™ system for mechanical splicing. Open/closed Swage terminals are forged from special bar quality carbon steel. Controlled hardness by spheroidized annealing process.
Swage terminals properly applied have an efficiency rating of 100% based on the catalog strength of wire rope.

Swage ternminals or sockets are recommended for use with 6×19 or 8 strand, 6×37 IWRC wire rope.

Swage terminals are not recommended for use on fiber core or lang lay rope.