The MULTICONE is developed to eliminate the risk of a Ferrule Secured Eye Termination (FSET) getting caught in objects in the surrounding by the tapered design. This solution complies completely with the regulation EN 13411-3 (Ferrules and ferrule-securing).

The MULTICONE is assembled with ferrules, type T and UM, and is available in different sizes. Furthermore it can be used with carbon steel turnback ferrules type STS.



Before the ferrule is swaged the cone is mounted on the wire rope apart from the swaging process. After the ferrule is secured the cone is applied tightly against the ferrule and swaged again. The unique off centre design of the MULTICONE hides the dead end of the steel wire rope inside the cone. The strength of the FSET is not affected in any way!

The inspection hole is used for field inspection and to visually secure the dead end position. The MULTICONE is manufactured from one single piece of aluminum and ensures a long life and a minimum of maintenance. Note! Choose cone size after actual rope diameter.

The MULTICONE solution is covered by a protection of design and owned by Talurit AB, Sweden.