Flemish eye sleeves manufactured from the highest quality material and available in both metric and imperial dimensions.

Black oxidized surface finish.

Art. No: TAL-X 1/4″ – TAL-X 6″
To find the right ferrule size, check the data sheet.


The TAL-X sleeves are to be used as flemish eye sleeves. All TALURIT™ flemish eye sleeves have corrosion protection and are made according to the highest quality standards. Sleeves type TAL-X are black oxidized. All our flemish eye sleeves are made in accordance with standards and processes adopted by Talurit AB to assure high quality products. They are marked with: TAL-X, sleeve size and code for traceability. Testing includes hardness test, chemical analysis, microstructure evaluation and flattening to check for cracks. For additional conformance, sleeves are independently verified by 3rd party test lab. All our flemish eye sleeves are tested for ductility. Not applicable on rotation resistant wire ropes. Follow our instructions on how to make the flemish eye terminations to reach expected efficiency.

The metric system for these sleeves is validated according to the European standards, EN 13411-3, for mechanical splicing. We have developed an approved splicing system for metric wire ropes of grade 1960 according to EN 12385-4, constructions 6×19, 6×26 and 6×36. See separate table. An imperial system is also available. Kindly refer to our imperial splicing table. Available on request.

Carbon steel ferrules are typically used when corrosion, higher temperature and special wear and tear environments are demanded. They are also used in cold environments.