These ferrules are not allowed for use in lifting applications. The expected strength is approximately 50% of the minimum breaking load.

Art. No: RCU 01,5 – RCU 08
To find the right ferrule size, check the data sheet.


The RCU End stop is a round ferrule made of pure Copper (almost 99,9%).

Round copper ferrules are commonly used as end stops or as stoppers. Copper as material suits well together with stainless steel wire rope, to avoid galvanic corrosion in saltwater environments. Same types of dies as for T ferrules are to be used. The copper material is pure copper in soft condition. The end stop is seamlessly extruded over mandrel.

Round end stops, type RCU, are not recommended for use in high strength applications. The expected strength of this end stop is approx 50 percent of the MBL of the wire rope. Accordingly, verifying tests must be performed to secure the strength of the termination.