The LKA 28-PS cuts 28mm wire rope in 3m predetermined length in less than 15sec. With a feeding speed of up to 400 mm/sec and measuring accuracy of ± 1 % this cutter is a given choice when you need to produce high volumes in a short time. With the uncoiling unit, AVL-5000B, added it does most of the work by itself.


LKA 28-PS is a fully automatic cutting machine for pre-formed wire ropes. The capacity for ordinary single layer round strand rope with grade 1 960 is Ø 5-28 mm.

The feeding unit is equipped with slow start and soft retardation of the feeding speed before cut with high precision. Two independent measuring systems are standard to ensure very high accuracy. LKA 28-PS has a built in calibration cycle which gives a very high accuracy of the cut length. The machine has a very low noise level and is environmentally friendly. The guiding tube and feeding units are operated pneumatically. 3 m guiding tube is included as standard. Sections of 3 m tube can be added as option.
The control system is based on a PLC with a 7″ touch screen. It is easy to operate due to the menu-system and the many set-up possibilities. Hydraulic shears perform the cutting operation. The shears are designed for wire ropes with grade 1960. If higher grade wire rope is cut, the lifetime of the shears will be reduced.




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