LK 45 1S

The LK 45 hydraulic shear cutting machine is ideal for cutting wire rope in a safe and clean way. The machine is designed for maximum efficiency and is equally economically priced.

The machine is very easy to handle with quick insertion, foot pedal control and automatic shut down.


This cutting machine (LK 45 1S) with shears on a stand is mainly intended for cutting of preformed wire ropes. Easy insertion due to its
open design and quick operation makes this machine a convenient help in the wire rope industry.

Equipped with an auto switch the motor stops automatically after the cutting operation. The machine is easily started again by
pressing the foot pedal. The automatic stop is a measure to bring down the noise level as well as environmental resource saving.

The machine is equipped with a safety device including a cover with inspection windows and brushes on both sides where the
wire rope is inserted. This protects the operator and it is still easy to enter the wire rope. Operation is made by the hydraulic unit.
Cutting capacity of ordinary single layer round strand rope grade 1 960 is up to 45 mm.