LGK 14

Heat is generated where the cut is to be made, this is done by applying electrical current. The foot control allows the user to apply heat maintaining a good overview of the cutting process. The LGK 14 has a capacity to anneal wire rope up to 14 mm diameter. It has 4 different power levels. It is recommended to connect the annealing machine to a ventilation system for efficient exhaust of the smoke.


The machine is easy to use. There are 4 different cavities on the lower jaw (see the picture to the left) where the wire rope should be placed depending on its diameter. The distance between the cavities are 8 mm. Choose the cavity and power level suitable for the wire rope. The handle should be pulled down to fasten the wire rope before pressing the foot control. When the wire rope and the handle is in place press the foot control to apply heat and then anneal the wire rope.