AV 65

  • Wire rope diameter up to 65 mm can be annealed
  • Supply of current controlled via foot pedal
  • Different settings depending on wire rope diameter
  • Optional water-cooling




The AV 65 use neither shears nor cutters but the wire rope is twisted off by annealing. Current is applied to heat the wire when the rope is clamped. When the rope is red hot; it is twisted. After twisting, the rope is slightly rounded, see picture. This facilitates fitting the ferrules. It is also possible to taper the end of the rope, e.g. for excavating machines, by increasing the distance between the clamping points while twisting is being done.
Since the AV 65 is equipped with eccentric levers for rapid clamping, only one basic setting is required for a specific wire rope diameter. In addition the tension dies are so designed, that they do not require changing for different wire rope diameter. The eccentric lever opening in this design is normally sufficient to facilitate insertion of the wire rope from above. The supply of current is controlled via a foot pedal, leaving the hands free to operate the machine.
The heated area is enclosed by a hood to trap fumes from the annealing, but the cover is easy to open, when mounting the wire rope. A convenient tray, easy to empty, collects the ashes from the annealing.
The machine is prepared for external ventilation system. The optional wheels can make the work station mobile.
Approx. annealing time, with good contact,for Ø 65 mm wire rope is 11 min.