AV 45

  • Powerful electrical efficiency for short annealing cycle time
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • Compact design
  • All operator parameters are individually managed


The AV 45 annealing machine is the tool shaping any type of tapered wire rope end. Heat is generated where the cut is to be made, this is done by applying electrical current. Using the wheels and handles when the wire rope is heated sufficiently, the machine operator is pulling and twisting the wire rope to form the desired ending. The foot control allow the user to apply heat maintaining a good overview of the cutting process. See picture showing one of the ending types possible to make. Depending on how much you increase the distance between the clamping points, the result will be a shorter or a longer rounded end.

The AV 45 has a capacity to anneal wire rope up to 45 mm diameter. It has six different power levels enabling the result of the tapered end to be optimized. The wheel on the pulling chuck can be combined with a handle for easier pulling. This to alter the position making it possible to always work in an ergonomic way. It comes with a safety glass to protect the operator from sparks during work. It is recommended to connect the annealing machine to a ventilation system for efficient exhaust of the smoke. As option the machine can be delivered with wheels.