10 SM

  • Cutting wire rope by annealing
  • Tapered, rounded or straight shape
  • Rope diameters between 3-10 mm
  • Controlled with a PLC with a display unit
  • Optional marking/colouring unit can be mounted on the spout


The 10 SM is a fully automatic wire rope cutting machine is designed for cutting steel wire ropes by a method of annealing. It is suitable for rope diameters of between 3-10 mm and can be set for cutting lengths from 170 mm. The machine operates with a high level of accuracy and gives results of +/-1 mm on a length of 500 mm. The various functions are controlled by a PLC with a display unit.

This machine is also controlled by a PLC. It resembles 10 SM PLC but this machine anneals longer wire ropes.
A cooling device can be supplied as an optional extra.
This machine can cut steel wire rope to give either a tapered, rounded or straight shape.
It can also be custom made to fit into a production line interacting with other machinery, like the uncoiling machine AVL 500M.

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