The CC40T chain cutter is designed for heavy use and is equipped with a solid stainless steel cover. It is designed to cut chains with pinch-ended cuts. The chain cutter is CE-marked.

The cutter is hydraulically operated with a maximum pressure of 700 bar. It cuts chains up to Ø 22, grade 8 (max hardness 44 HRC). Shears are easy to change.

CC40T is easy to use. Just place the chain in the groove, between the shears. Close the protection cover and start cutting. When using the HAGG 2,2/700-CC together with the CC40T the shears open automatically when releaseing the foot pedal after the cutting is done.



There are two different ways to use the CC40T. Either a handpump or an hydraulic unit can be attached to complete the system;

  1. The hand pump, P59L-40, is operated by pushing the handle manually. It also comes with a 800 mm hose and quick coupling for easy connection.
  2. The electrically powered multifunctional unit (HAGG 2,2/700-CC) is equipped with a potentiometer that controls the precutting force (the force used to fasten the chain between the shears). This to optimize the setup time of chain in the CC40T. The chain cutter is operated with a foot pedal.

There are also two different options that can be added to optimize you chain cutter:

  1. Fixed legs for hydraulic unit
    The fixed legs are customized for the existing fixing holes in the plate for the hydraulic unit. The legs enables the operator to place the electrical hydraulic unit in an ergonomically correct position and facilitates the adjusting of the hydraulic pressure for the chain cutter.
  2. Handle
    The chain cutter can be delivered with a handle for easy transportation of the chain cutter.