UL 800/1200

UL 800/1200

  • Integrated or stand-alone application for coiling
  • Adjustable inner diameter and coil width
  • Controlled by a foot pedal
  • Flexible speed

Maximum load: 800/1200 kg




UL 800/1200 is a stand-alone coiling unit which can also be integrated as part of an: uncoiling – measuring – cutting – coiling – wire rope handling system. UL 800/1200 is controlled by a foot pedal, connected with a flexible cable, giving the operator various possibilities to work from when starting and stopping the system.

When this coiling unit is part of a TALURIT™ wire rope handling system set-up, the start and stop functions of all integrated machines are controlled simultaneously. The rotating wheel is provided with six flexible arms and the coil inner diameter is adjustable, aswell as the coil width. The speed is flexible and can manually be set to suit various coiling demands.

A wooden reel is possible with a maximum diameter of approx. 900 mm and 400 mm width. Maximum rod diameter is 50 mm.