UL 7000

  • Integrated or stand-alone application for coiling or reeling
  • Adjustable inner diameter and coil width
  • Variable speed
  • Foot operated control unit
  • Optional measuring unit

Maximum load: 7000 kg


The UL 7000 is a stand-alone application, but can also be integrated as a part of an uncoiling – measuring – cutting – coiling wire rope handling system.

The machine is intended for vertical coiling as well as coiling on reel. Coiling on reel is standard. The reel is clamped hydraulically using the control unit. Due to various coiling work demands the variable speed is set manually.

A foot operated control unit connected with a flexible cable gives the operator various possibilities to work from. As a part of our system set-up, the start and stop functions of all integrated machines are controlled simultaneously.

The coiling machine can be fitted with optional measuring units with feeding from the side.

Both the standard and the open model of measuring units can handle wire rope from Ø 6 to 80 mm. An extra arm with a track wheel of Ø 500 mm can be delivered separately.

By removing the reel, the optional 6-armed rotating wheel can be mounted. Both the inner coil diameter (D) and the coil width (W) are adjustable. See picture.

When not used, the wheel is hung on the side of the machine.