UL 200

UL 200

UL 200 is a coiling machine for coils weighing a maximum of 200 kg and where the wire rope is maximum 20 mm in diameter.

The UL 200 could be a stand alone coiling machine or intergrated into a system solution (like the picture shown above). This machine is intended for coiling of preformed wire ropes. It can coil wire rope up to Ø 20 mm and it will be able to make coils weighing up to 200 kg.


UL 200 can as a stand alone unit be a part of a station having a separate measuring unit, separate cutting unit, separate uncoiling unit etc. There are many options in Talurit range of products.

One example of a station is when adding the LKA 28 and the AVL-5000B which combined will make a semi-automatic cutting machine that uncoils, measures, cuts and coils the wire rope. LKA 28 has a built in calibration cycle which gives a very high accuracy of the cut length.

The machine has a very low noise level and is environmental friendly. As a stand alone machine, the UL 200 is controlled by a foot pedal. Once the coiling is finished, simply put some zip ties around the coil before cutting the wire rope. Press open coil to release the arms and the coil is easy to remove.