Large Swagers

Powerful custom made swagers

Talurit has a wide range of powerful large swagers and press machines that are designed to handle wire ropes up to 6″ diameters. With optional equipment like rigging devices to form the eye and lifting yoke to change dies, one operator can manage the entire hydraulic swaging operation!

Our large press machines are equipped with a powerful two-stage hydraulic unit controlled by solenoid valves. Our large swagers are also…:

  • … extremely easy to operate since the operator is able to use both hands when swaging. This is due to the electric foot pedal, that also has a “hold” position to e.g make tool setup quicker and more effective.
  • … having the ability to pre-set the maximum swage load for our larger hydraulic pressmachines, and an adjustable start position. All these relatively small benefits are together making it a lot easier to operate the swager, saving both time and unnecessary movements for the operator.
  • … a relatively low noice level. Despite the large size of these swagers, the noise level is no more than 74 dB (A).
  • … a soft starter, which is standard for these large machines.

When adding die holders even smaller dies can be used. To compensate the weight of a smaller lower die, the valve house can be adjusted to prevent the piston from drifting.

Would you like more information about our larger electric swagers, or about some other product of ours? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Talurit!

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