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Talurit has more than 70 years of experience from manufacturing a wide range of powerful swaging machines in the wire rope splicing industry.
Our swagers and press machines range in capacity from 5 ton up to 4200 ton, making it possible to swage aluminium ferrules for nominal wire rope up to 160 mm (6 1/4”) diameter and 6” flemish eye sleeves.

The machines are designed to achieve safe and efficient mechanical splicing of steel wire ropes with many types of end fittings.
We offer:

  • Small flexible swagers whish can be used both vertically, horizontally, free standing or bench mounted, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities both in use and in operation ergonomics.
  • Medium Swagers with hydraulic tools that can easily be custom made by adding unique features like special die holders etc.
  • Large Swagers with soft starters, a hydraulic unit, as well as an electric foot pedal is making swaging smooth and the machine very easy to operate.
  • Rigging devices to assist processes of forming turnback terminations.
  • Accessories for swaggers and swaging tools, everything from die racks for easy storage, to die holders, lifting tables and Talugrease for easy use of dies and in splicing processes.

Solid, safe and adjustable swagers

Talurit uses the very latest techniques in engineering to ensure our manufacturing processes are to the highest quality standard, while maintaining cost effectiveness as well as highest possible safety level. This of course includes all hydraulic swagers, and other cable/wire or rope swaging tools. Our key components are fully traceable with batch number to material certificates and quality inspections.
All our press machines are of superior quality, made and manufactured in our work shop in Gothenburg, Sweden.

If you have any questions about our assortment of swagers or swaging tools, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!