Ferrules, sleeves and sockets require individual swaging dies depending on material and dimension, but most of all required shape after swaging.
We develop and manufacture standard and special dies to cope with all possible swaging demands.
Dies are fabricated in different block sizes to fit our various swagers. The smallest swager use block size A and the largest swager use LS.

In the table below, the most common swaging die sizes are shown.

Block SizeHeight x Width (metric)Height x Width (imperial)
A38 x 42 mm1,5 x 1,65 in
A138 x 50 mm1,5 x 1,97 in
B148 x 70 mm1,89 x 2,76 in
B250,2 x 70 mm1,98 x 2,76 in
C78 x 80 mm3,07 x 3,15 in
C178 x 100 mm3,07 x 3,94 in
D110 x 156 mm4,33 x 6,14 in
E150 x 220 mm5,91 x 8,66 in
E1150 x 250 mm5,91 x 9,84 in
F200 x 250 mm7,87 x 9,84 in
G250 x 300 mm9,84 x 11,81 in
G0S152,4 x 304,8 mm6 x 12 in
HS300 x 380 mm11,81 x 14,96 in
KS200 x 400 mm7,87 x 15,75 in
LS250 x 450 mm9,84 x 17,74 in
2″x 3½”50,8 x 88,9 mm2 x 3,5 in
2½”x 5″63,5 x 127 mm2,5 x 5 in
4″x 7″101,6 x 177,8 mm4 x 7 in
5″x 7″127 x 177,8 mm5 x 7 in
6″x 12″152,4 x 304,8 mm6 x 12 in