DLM test bed

Load Cell Calibration

Talurit Pte., Ltd. offer an unrivalled Load Cell and Repair service based in Singapore we combine highly competitive prices with quality workmanship. All calibrations are carried out by qualified Calibration Engineers with time served in the measurement industry.

Calibration in Tension & Compression

Talurit Pte Ltd’s brand new 50t test machine has the capacity to calibrate load cells from 0-50t in tension and compression, and 75t-300t in Tension.

The test machine, which is operated by a hydraulic hand pump and valve set, which allows the load to be securely held at certain points for accurate calibration, will enable Talurit Pte Ltd to calibrate load cells ranging from 5t – 300t locally.

Talurit offer repair and servicing facilities not only for DLM products but also for many other proprietary brands of load cell and instrumentation. Our calibration engineers are trained in Electro mechanical repair and are able to offer a professional inspection and report of fault conditions of return load cells.

All test machines are fully traceable to either the National Physical Laboratory or UKAS accredited laboratories and are verified in accordance with the national standard ISO 7500-1:2004.

Talurit Pte Ltd’s machine is ready for load cell calibration in South East Asia. We look forward to receiving your calibration request. Please contact Talurit Pte Ltd at enquiry@talurit.sg if you have any enquiry.

DLM test bed

Talurit Pte., Ltd. is the authorized distributor for DLM products in South East Asia