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Aluminium ferrules

Ferrules in aluminium have been developed to cater for a variety of needs and applications. All aluminium ferrules are produced seamless for added safety. From size 8 and upwards they are fully traceable (ISO 9001) and marked with size, type and manufacturing batch number. Our ”FERRULE SECURING INSTRUCTIONS” details the correct method of pressing, approx. pressure required and ferrule selection criteria. Our aluminium ferrules are approved by many International Institutions and Authorities, details available on request.

The T-ferrule is the original ferrule design, intended for galvanized or bright wire ropes. The T-ferrule is available from stock in sizes from 1 - 126 and special sizes and lenghts can be made on request. This design correspond to the new European standard, EN 13411-3. ULTRAGRIP METAL (UM)-ferrule is a cylindrical ferrule with special performance and follows our company standard specification. ULTRAGRIP is also our trade mark in many countries. This ferrule becomes smaller in diameter after pressing than the T-ferrule. The UM-type is available from stock in sizes from 10 - 110. Round (R)-ferrule is intended to be pressed on single wire ropes, for instance on preventer wires or used as end stop. The R-ferrule is kept in stock in sizes 1 - 36. © Copyright 2002 - All rights on this web site reserved by Talurit AB.

Aluminium ferrules