||Slingmakers dream

Slingmakers dream

What is the slingmakers dream?

March is the month when we lay all our focus on effectivity and safety. With that said, our fully automatic cutting machine LKA 28-PS together with our one-pillar 600 ton swager, as a system solution, makes the slingmakers work a one man show!

The LKA 28-PS cuts 28mm wire rope in 3m predetermined length in less than 15sec. With a feeding speed of up to 400 mm/sec and measuring accuracy of ± 1 % this cutter is a given choice when you need to produce high volumes in a short time. With the uncoiling unit, AVL-5000B, added it does most of the work by itself.

Our user-friendly, high quality and efficient 600T swager 1S for turnback and flemish eye swaging. The open construction offers easy access to the swaging procedure when having space consuming swage objects. The swaging procedure can be done with a two hand operation thanks to the electric foot pedal.

E-mail us at sales@talurit.se or call us at +46 31 709 80.

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