General Info

General Info

All our test beds come standard with fully enclosed test bed frames (ends, top, bottom) for operator safety. Each machine has a hydraulic operator safety guard standard. We make standard capacity Prooftest Machines as well as (any length) and completely custom machines. If you don’t see what you need, contact us, chances are we have already made it.
Model                   Capacity (lbs)               Length (ft)

75K                      75,000                          40

150K                    150,000                         40

225K                    225,000                         40

350K                    350,000                         40

450K                    450,000                         40

500K                    500,000                         40

600K                    600,000                         40

800K                    800,000                         40

1000K                  1,000,000                      40

1200K                  1,200,000                      40

1300K                  1,300,000                      40

1600K                  1,600,000                      40

3300K                  3,300,000                      TBD


The length for the above base models 75K to 1600K are 40 ft. long. Additional frame sections are bolted together to increase the test bed usable length.

The base length on the newest 3300K (1500MT) model varies on application.
Custom capacities, length, widths, heights are available for any machine